Story for #whimword: “Cabinet”

In the cabinet: the curiosities. Where the desirables retain their value; where secrets are kept. In the cabinet where motes rush headlong against the glass, shining until the last, and inside their sunless counterparts lay dormant and fearful.
Maria looked out of a cramped corridor window and saw rows of heads. Hairless heads, naked and vulnerable. Heads with hats and hoods. Small heads moving restlessly, darting, pushing forward to see. To be seen. Television cameras winked at them, co-conspirators. Then they turned their gaze upwards. Mocking. Now what will you do? A minister brushed past her and tutted.
"Invacuation area!" He hissed. A desperate clattering of feet, from all around.
She didn't reply. From nearby, a short way down a winding corridor to her left, something shattered. There was an eruption, a roar, a pushing forward. Chaos had arrived.

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